Douglas County Lumber


As I looked about in my work area, (I sometimes refer to it as my office)... I got to thinking about how I should perhaps share many of the "Tools-N-Tips" that I've accumulated over the past while building this route. And so, with that in mind, I have created this page so that those of you who are building (or considering building) their own route(s) can take advantage of tips and tools that have helped me.

(008) Here's a tool that I've been using for several years that makes creating markers from locations inside Google Earth fast and simple. There's a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how to use the tool.

Whistle sign placement

(007) Here's a handy little tool that lets you search for an object in a route. There are two ways to search. One will just list the tiles in the route that have that particular object. The other way it lists every occurrence of the object as well as the position of that object in each tile where it's found.

QMod tutorial

(006) Orienting objects: Here's a little tip dealing with object placement and orientation. Ever place something like a stop sign, but when you selected it to rotate it, the wireframe view makes it so you can't see how it's oriented? This should help.

Orienting objects

(005) Object shadows: I recently created some road sections, but found that when they went under a bridge, no shadows showed up on the road. Here's how to make them show up.

Shadows on the road

(004) Placing whistle signs: Wondering where along the tracks you should place your whistle signs?... Here's how I go about finding the correct locataion.

Whistle sign placement

(003) Editor start location: When you want to work on your route do you always start the Editor and then, after entering the coordinates of where you want to work, jump to that location? If you do, here's a little "Tip" on how to modify where the Editor places you when it first starts.

Editor start location

(002) An update for Spawners is currently being created.

Car spawners

(001) Making tracks fit: If you use ScaleRail for your route you will probably find times when you need a particular length of track that's not one of the default lengths, especially when it comes to short distances. When this happens it requires you to use a combination of track sections to obtain the needed length. But what combination of track sections will give you the desired length with the least nu.mber of sections? Download this chart that lists the least number of track section required for each posslble length between 0.3m and 20.0m

Track Lengths
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