Cottage Grove

Siskiyou Timetable

The Timetable can be used in one of two ways. First by viewing it on your screen, and second by printing it out so that it can be put together as a standard looking timetable.

If you are going to view the Timetable on your computer screen, it is best to view it using a spreadsheet program that is Microsoft Excel compatible. If you do not have a compatible program, you can still view it in pdf format, however, it won't work quite as nice.

IMPORTANT: You must keep the "Siding Jpgs" folder where it currently is in relation to the spreadsheet. That is to say, the "Siding Jpgs" folder must be in the same folder where the files are. Otherwise links in the Timetable won't be able to find the images stored in that folder.

You'll find the Timetable a handy reference when running the Route because it lists all of the sidings (and their lengths), tunnels, businesses that are serviced by the route (and their abbreviations), the coordinates for each of these items, as well as route mileage for each location. Businesses are listed in two formats... alphabetical and geographically from South to North.


Timetable: Contains all of the files necessary so that you can view the Timetable on screen while running the Route, as well as files that make printing the Timetable quite simple. See the "READ ME.txt" file (also included) for more information. Timetable
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