Siskiyou Map

The Siskiyou Route Map

I think that you'll find this map amazing to say the least. I find that I use it nearly every time that I sit down and work on the Route. For example, say you are using the Route Editor and want to jump and work on a specific location like Roseburg Lumber's mill at Dillard. You can quickly locate it on the map, copy the coordinates, and use them to "jump" to that location. Or say you're creating an Activity and want to start near some tunnel in Cow Creek Canyon. Again, you can easily find it on the map and find the coordinates that you need. Even if you're simply running an activity you may want to keep it nearby as a reference to what you'll be coming to next.

The map is not to scale. Instead "white space" has pretty much been eliminated. Even after having done that the map is still 200 inches wide! Let me tell you briefly what you'll find on the map... All of the mainline, sidings, and branch lines. If it's track, it's on the map. All signals are shown along with the various speed limits you'll come to including the one for the sidings. You'll find all of the bridges, trestles, tunnels as well as their coordinates. Commercial sidings are shown along with the type and number of cars that'll fit on each of their sidings.

When you first load the map it'll be super small... looking like a long fuzzy black line. As mentioned above the map is 200 inches wide. You'll need to zoom in to 100% or even 150%. You can then hold down the spacebar while using your mouse to drag the map from side to side. If you happen to have CorelDraw, drop me a note and I can provide you with the map for the version of CorelDraw that you have in its original format.


The Siskiyou Map: The Siskiyou Map is pretty much self-explanatory. It's 7 inches high and 200 inches wide. If there's anything that confuses you, let me know. I'm usually around to help out. Siskiyou Map
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