Cottage Grove

Siskiyou Activities

IMPORTANT: Siskiyou Route activities were created for and tested for the OpenRails train simulator. Trying to run them them on MSTS will probably lead to problems.

Before you download a new Activity, please make sure that you have downloaded ALL of the consist and wagon packs.

Why is it that I'm asking you to download ALL consist and wagon packs?... Each consist pack covers all of the consists for all of the sidings for a specific geographic area starting at the north end and traveling southward. Consists have already been created for each siding of every business serviced along the route. When an activity is created it may involve picking up and dropping off cars along huge sections of the route. If I were to package the consists along with the wagons required with each activity you would likely download the same files over and over again. It seemed to me that the simplest solution was to have you download all of the wagon and consist packs. Once you've done this all you'll need is the required engines. Each new activity will let you know which engines are required.

If you're interested in creating activities for the Siskiyou Route I have a created guidelines as well as documents and other things that will help you accomplish this. You'll find them here.

Below you will find current activities that you can download...

01 Default Activities: These are here in case something happens to the activities that originally came with the route.

Default Activities
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