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Siskiyou Signals

I thought that perhaps some of you might be curious as to how I sat up the signals for the Route. Below are links to several files that explain the many signal aspects and the logic behind how they display which aspect. Not only do they control train movement, but also regulate speed limits.


Signals_101: This download contains a .pdf file that shows a train moving upwards on each page. As the train comes to signals, the document explains why the signal's aspect is the way it is. On the Siskiyou Route signals work in combination with speed limit signs to determine what the resulting speed limit will be. Signals 101
Commented Sigscr.dat file: The sigscr.dat file contains the logic that the simulator uses to control what each signal head's color should be based on other trains ahead of your train. The logic considers where the signal head is in relation to other heads on the signal. The color and position shown by the heads on a signal determine its aspect. Sigscr.dat file
Commented Sigcfg.dat file: This file basically defines each type of signal and what indications that it's capable of displaying. Sigcfg.dat file
Signal Aspects shown on one page: All of the possible signal aspects are shown on and explained on a single page that you can view or print. It's a handy reference to keep nearby when running activities. You'll also find this aspect page inside the Timetable. Signal aspects sheeet
Looking for signals to use on your own route? Look no further! I've made our signals available to all. That's right... Now you can download and use my signals on your own routes. The signals are still (c) by Dale Rickert, however, once you download the files and read the README FIRST.txt file, simply agree to a couple of conditions and they're yours to use. If someone else should ask for copies of the signals, please don't give them copies of your files... simply tell them that all they have to do is come to this website to get them. Click the DOWNLOAD button and get the signals and a set of instructions on how to set them up. Thanks. Download Siskiyou signals

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