Entering Tunnel #2

I want to say, "Thanks"

Were it not for the following individuals the Siskiyou Route would likely never have been released. I'd appreciate it if you'd take a moment and browse through all of those individuals listed below that helped make the Siskiyou Route possible.

If you find that I accidently left your name out, PLEASE drop me an email and let me know. One thing that that I would be very upsetting woud be finding out that I had left someone out.


Marc Nelson of 3DTrains.com: A special thanks to Mark for not only creating ScaleRail and ScaleRoad, but for making it free to all of us. After spending six years creating The Siskiyou Route I have a pretty good idea of how much time Marc had to invest in making his creations. "Thanks Marc" 3DTrains
Andy Hockin of Maple Leaf Tracks.com: A special thanks to Andy for allowing me to use his crossing gates along with his demo engine and its sound. Were it not for people like Andy who create high-quality routes, this hobby of ours would certainly be lacking. "Thanks Andy" Maple Leaf Tracks
Robert Murphy: To my good friend Robert I want to say, "Thanks for being my friend." Not only did Robert create many of the wagons used on the route, but was also good enough to provide me with Gmax source files for several wagons for me to use in making my own creations.
Derek Morton: A true friend and a great supporter. Regardless of how busy Derek is with his other projects, he always finds the time to give his friends help. For those who don't know him, he's the "tsection.dat" man... Derek spends a lot of time helping out with the engineering at Diamond Valley Railroad in Australia... check it out —> Diamond Valley Railroad
Ted Curphey: A special thanks to Ted for the texturing that he did on many of the wagns,making numerous items such as wagons, automobiles, and other items.
Shawn Kelley: A special thanks to Shawn for texturing many of the wagons included in the Route.
Ben Sigouin: A special thanks to Ben for all of the wagons that he created and allowed us to use in the Route.
John DeLamater: A special thanks to John for helping with the testing of the Route.
Craig Kawahara: A special thanks to Craig for helping with the testing of the Route.
Otto Wipfel: A special thanks to Otto for helping test the installer.

Also a special thanks to the following contributors...

Byron Ashlock  JAurberpine  Brad Bailey  Parker Boots  Rene Bos  M.J. Brady  Max Brisben  Erick Cantu  Paul Charlie  Scott Clawson  Bill Cline  Ian Dodd  Matt Doti  Brian W. Dougherty  Curt Esser  Mark Funk  Mark Giltz  Larry Goss  Bernhard Grant  Rick Hargraves  James Hinman  Brad Kostelny  Jake Kulik  Dean Kurowski  Jim Lambert  Marek Lemow  Spike Mitchell  Eric Olesen  Christopher Parker  Carl Rasmussen  David Rowe  Mike Stephan  Kent Stough  Mykel Stovall  Clifford Timm  Fred Voelker  Pete Willard  Brody Wyrick

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