Cottage Grove

Learning Gmax...

"The Easy Way"

"My apologies to those of you who started these tutorials only to find that things later came to a halt. As you may have read, our home burnt down on Christmas Eve of 2016 and I've had to devote my time to rebuilding it.

If you'd like me to continue with these lessons then drop me a note and let me know. If I get more than one or two requests I may once again continue with them.

I'll never forget the first time I installed Gmax and took a look at it... Cardiac arrest! But I didn't run away... I started to read the help file and even printed most of it out. Learning Gmax this way was a nightmare to say the least. Without proper instruction the program is very intimidating.

One of the things that I did, and the one thing that I think anyone who wants to learn to use Gmax should do is purchase the book "Gmax Bible." It's a great reference, but not required for these lessons.

One of the many things that irritate me (give me a break... I'm 72 y.o.) are tutorials that are created to be viewed online only. It's like wanting a printed copy of some help file... or even the help file for gmax. I printed it out once — took me several days and if I remember right, three or four 8" x 5" binders. What you'll find here will be .pdf files that you can use online or print out, along with gmax files that you can download and load into your own program.

Like I said, Gmax can be intimidating when you first try to use it... but you don't get power without lots of controls. Don't worry, I'll be right there leading you through its complexities. If something is confusing... well, that's what email is for. Drop me a note.


Obtaining and installing Gmax... Learning Gmax

Lesson 1: Getting acquainted with the Gmax layout, and more....

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Lesson 2: A simple house... but with night lighting...

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