Cottage Grove

Gmax: Obtaining and Installing

You can download Gmax 1.2 free here. Be sure to grab the help file and tutorials.

Once you've downloaded it, go here and register. When you do, you'll receive your "Registration User Identification Code" that you'll enter into Gmax when you first run it.

Before you start Gmax, copy the code you got into the Windows clipboard. Now go ahead and start Gmax. It should pop up a window for you to enter your code. Do so and after you take a look at the screen, exit the program

Next you'll need to download and install the Microsoft Train Simulator Gmax Gamepack. You can get it here. After installing it, delete the Gmax icon from your desktop.

Run the Help file that you downloaded and extract it into C:\Gmax. You should now find three help files in the C:\Gmax\Help folder.

Now let's set up Gmax so we can boot it with the Train Simulator Gamepack installed. Open your C:\Gmax folder and then open the Gamepacks folder. Open the TrainSim folder and locate the Trainsim Gamepack shortcut. Right click it and select "Send to..." and select Desktop.

To boot Gmax you always use this icon... never boot the program by booting the gmax.exe file.

Once you have things up and running you can move on to the Lessons.


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