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Gmax: Lesson 1

IMPORTANT: If you've come here to learn how to create objects using Gmax and you don't have Gmax installed, please go here and then return here when you have it installed properly.

The first thing that we need to do is to get the two of us looking at identical screens when we run Gmax. You can set up your screen the way you like at a later time.

Setting up your screen: Click this link to download a set of my user interface files. Once you have them downloaded, open your... C:\gmax\gamepacks\TrainSim\ui ...folder. Here you should find a set of 5 files. We are going to replace these files, so move these original files to some other place for safe keeping. Once you have done that, extract the 5 files from the file you just downloaded and move them into this same folder. When you boot your Gmax program you should see the same screen that I look at when I run my program.

When you download Lesson 1, extract it onto your desktop. It should now all be in a Lesson 1 folder. Everything you need for this lesson (other than the Gmax program) should be in this folder. You're should now be ready to start Lesson 1. Once you've read the README FIRST.txt file... go ahead and open the Lesson 1 Part 1.pdf file. Go ahead and do this lesson.


Lesson 1: This is the first in a series of lessons that will help you learn how to use the Gmax program to create objects for train simulators.

Gmax Lesson 1
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