Climbing Rice Hill


The Siskiyou Route: You'll find the current version of the Siskiyou Route here... Siskiyou Route Beta Version
Siskiyou Activities: This is where you'll find all of the available activities for the Siskiyou Route. If you like information on creating activities specifically for the Siskiyou Route you can go here. siskiyouActivities
Engine and Wagon Packs: Looking for more engines? Maybe those of a different Road? You may find what you're looking for here. I've also included the original engines and wagons that were initially installed with the Route just in case something happens and you need to download them again. Although I don't recommend downloading all of the available engines, I do recommend that you download all of the wagons. Doing so will save you from download them them again each time you get a new activity... Engines and Wagons
Consist Packs: Here you'll find a great number of consists for the Route. To save you a lot of work I created consists for every commercial siding on the Route. You'll also find the original consists that were installed with this version of the route. They're here just in case something happens where you need to get them again. Although I don't recommend downloading all of the available engines, I do recommend that you download all of the consists. Doing so will save you from downloading them again each time you get a new activity... Consists
Siskiyou Map: No one should be without this map. It makes no difference if your running activities, helping to work on the route, or creating activities. The map shows all of the branch lines, sidings, signals, and commercial stops. You'll find road crossings, tunnels, bridges, trestles and even speed limits. I've included coordinates for most of these locations. The Route includes well over 400 miles of track and this map is something that you'll want to keep nearby... Siskiyou Map
Piece-by-Piece: Want to see a list showing every mainline track piece along with its centerline length? There's that and much more here. Nearly 6000 rows of spreadsheet data. The lists also includes sidings, turnouts, tunnels, mileposts, total distance from Black Butte to each track piece, coordinates to various items, bridges, and on and on. Piece-by-Piece
Timetable: This is a MUST for anyone running the Route. It comes with Instructions that tell you how to print is so that it's nearly identical to the real thing. Don't miss getting this... Timetable
Object Documentation: See what objects are available on the Route. View images of nearly every object used and even those objects that haven't been used yet... Objects
Signal Documentation: Want to take a look at how signaling is done on the Route? Signals on the Siskiyou Route go way beyond what most routes have. Take a look at commented "sigcfg.dat" and "sigscr.dat" files. See how signals control the movement and speed of trains... Signals
Establishing Water Levels: Want to see a tool that I used to establish what the water levels need be at for each quadrant in the Route that has bodies of water?... Water Levels
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