Crossing I-5

The Siskiyou Route

The latest version of the Route is...


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IMPORTANT: Many files have been updated since the Route was last released. Please visit the Updates page where you can find out what has been updated.

If you previously downloaded the Route, please stop and read this... If you have made any changes to the Route that you previously downloaded, then be sure to save any modifications you may have made to that version. Move that Siskiyou folder from your ROUTES folder to a different location. Then install this version. Once you've done that you can copy things like activities, etc., that you may have created over to this new Route's folders.

If this is your first time downloading the Route... After you download and install the Route you will likely want to download ALL of the wagons and consists. You'll find them on the Downloads page. While you're doing that you may want to download such things as more engines, activities, documentation, and perhaps even items from the Tools-N-Tips page.

As you browse around the site you'll find even more things available that I haven't mentioned. Once you start running the Route you might consider making some screen captures of happenings along the Route and then forward the images to us for inclusion on our Trackside Pics page. Please include your real name if you want me to credit you with your submission. If you run into any kind of difficulty. or if you have questions about the Route I'm here to help... just drop me a note.

I hope you'll enjoy the Route and all that's offered. Don't forget that I'm always looking for anyone willing to volunteer to do work on the Route.

THE SISKIYOU ROUTE... setup_20200828
Be sure to read about recent updates up above

WARNING! Read this now!... If this is the first time you've installed the Siskiyou Route, the installer will overwrite your existing "tsection.dat" file that exists in your "Train Simulator/Global" folder. The installer will install tsection.dat... Build 52. If your tsection.dat file is earlier than Build 52 you may want to let the installer overwrite your existing file. If yours is a more recent Build you'll want to move it somewhere safe so that the installer doesn't overwrite it. Replace the installed one with the newer one.

YOU MUST ALSO DO THIS... The Siskiyou Route requires ScaleRail and Scale Road. This software is available at 3DTrains. First go to their forum and and join. Once you are a member, go to their home page and in the Downloads section, click on ScaleRail Track System. On the next page click on the Download ScaleRail publlic beta. This will take you to the ScaleRail section inside the forum. You will find both ScaleRail and ScaleRoad available here. During the install, select "Standard Track Profile." You won't need any of the textures. They are included with the Route. If you'd like to read a more detailed explanation about installing these, go here.

CAUTION: Do not try running an activity during winter. Most winter textures have not yet been created.

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