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Tools and Guidelines for Creating Siskiyou Route Activities

The Siskiyou Activity Creation Kit...

The first item in the Download area below is our Activity Creation Kit. Inside it you'll find important information, tools, as well as a manual with hands on instructions that show you how to use the Kit's tools when creating Siskiyou activities. Using the tools and methods in this kit will surely save you a lot of work as well as problems. Here's what comes in the kit...

• The Activity Creation Manual: This manual explains in depth how to use all of the various tools inside the Kit. As you go through it you'll see first hand how all of the tools work together to make creating Siskiyou Activities much more simple.

• The Siskiyou Map: It's the same map that's available on the Download page. The map shows the entire route in a schematic-type layout. The map shows all of the sidings and yards as well as bridges, tunnels, numerous road crossings, and all of the commercial businesses serviced by the route. It also shows all of the signals and speed limits. Coordinates for most of these items are also shown so that you can jump to those locations while you're using the Route Editor. You won't want to be without it.

• Activity Names: This document explains how I go about naming activities for the Siskiyou Route as well as naming the files that make up an activity. I encourage you to follow this convention, especially if you want to upload your activities here for other members to use. Naming files using this convention makes it easy to tell which files are Siskiyou Route files. Naming activities this way also lets you know about the trains, consists, and their paths just by looking at the name.

• Siskiyou Timetable: This is the same Timetable that's on the Download page. It's quite similar to actual railroad timetables both in shape when printed as well as content. Refer to it when you want a list of sidings along with their coordinates and mileages. One section lists sidings in geographical order while a second list shows sidings arranged alphabetically by the business names that are serviced by that siding. When you want to look up an abbreviation for a business or an abbreviation for a siding you can easily find it here.

• Activity Worksheet: This is a great tool when you're planning your activities. This document lists businesses along the route beginning at Springfield Junction near Eugene and continues south to Black Butte in California. For each business listed you'll also find its route mileage and abbreviation. What makes this an extremely valuable tool is that it also lists every siding for every business even if the business has two or more sidings, and it shows you what type of cars should be placed on each siding as well as how many will fit on it.

• Printing the timetable: Instructions on how to print and put together your own hardcopy of the Timetable.

• Signal Aspects: A page that shows all of the aspects available for the Siskiyou signals. This page is included in the printed copy of the Timetable.

• TIMETABLE READ ME: Explains about other Timetable files included in the download.

There's one more thing that I've done to make it a lot easier to create activities for the Siskiyou Route. Most of the time you won't even need to create consists for the sidings. That's because I have created creating both empty and loaded consists for every siding that's serviced by the Route. You'll find that the way I name consists lets you to quickly tell which business each of the consist was created for as well as which business' siding the consist was created for.

I'm hoping that some of you will create and share Siskiyou activities here on this website. My priority is getting more of the Route built and so I won't be devoting a lot of time to creating new activities. If you will take the time to create activities for the Route it'll help to promote not only the Route but also the hobby. If you want to learn how to create activities in general, volunteer to work on the Route and I'll take the time to teach you.


Activity Creation Kit: If you want to create activities for the Siskiyou Route then this kit is something you won't want to be without. Activity Creation Kit
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