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If you're having problems that you can't solve, please feel free to send me an email. Let me know exactly what the problem is in minute detail. If it deals with something at a specific location along the Route then please include an accurate description of where the problem is at. You can attach a screen capture made while running the route and then provide the approximate track mileage at that point. Note such things as the name of the last siding you went past. Don't forget that the Siskiyou Map (available on our Download page) shows the coordinates for hundreds of locations. Do not go by the compass in Open Rails... it's not very accurate as to where you are.

I welcome your comments and suggestions provided that they are constructive in nature and well meant. Rather than having you fill out some sort of form or creating a ticket, simply send me an email. Be sure to include your name.

One more thing... before you contact me, please remember that the Siskiyou Route still has many items that need to be added and tweaked, however, if you spot something that you feel needs to be fixed and feel that I may not be aware of it, then by all means let me know. If you're not sure about whether you should mention something, then go ahead and write.


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Dale and his wife Teresa live about five miles up on the Row River outside Cottage Grove, Oregon. "Hoping you enjoy the Route."

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