Cottage Grove

Siskiyou Route Consists

On this page you will find packs of consists that are required to run various activities, as well as consists that may not yet be a part of an activity.

Starting up north at Springfield Junction I began creating consists for all of the businesses serviced along the Route. Businesses that have more than one siding will have consists for each of its sidings. I have created both loaded and empty consists. For those of you who create activities, having consists already created should save you the trouble of having to determine both the number of cars as well as what type of cars should be placed on any particular siding. Hopefully this will make your activity building much simpler.

If you go to the Activities page and download the Activity Creation Kit, the manual in the kit details how to combine several of these premade consists into one large consist for activities that drop off wagons on various sidings.

IMPORTANT: I do not recommend that you download all of the available engine packs, however, I do recommend that you download ALL of the wagon packs and ALL of the consist packs. Doing so will save you from downloading the same consists and wagons over again each time you add a new activity.


Original Consists: If for some reason something happens to the consists that were installed with the Route, you can download them again here. This pack includes consists for Bonneville Power, Franz Bakery, Original consists
Consist Pack 1: Contains consists for those businesses from the north end of the Route near Springfield Jction down to Cottage Grove. Consist Pack 1
Consist Pack 2: Contains the consists that came with the route that are not part of Consist Pack 1 above. These are included here should something happen to your originals. Consist Pack 2
Consist Pack 3: Contains consists for Weyerhauser and Drain Plywood. Consist Pack 3
Consist Pack 4: Contains consists from Murphy Plywood in Sutherlin to Roseburg Lumber in Dillard. Consist Pack 4
Consist Pack 5: This pack contains consists for Myrtle Oil Co. in Myrtle Creek and C&D Lumber in Riddle. Consist Pack 5
Consist Pack 6: This pack contains consists for Drain Plywood, DR Johnson Lumber, Green Diamond Abrasives, Glenbrook Nickel Mine, McCool Millworks, Roseburg Lumber Dillard, Roseburg Lumber Formosa, Roseburg Lumber Riddle, and Swanson Group Lumber. Consist Pack 6
Consist Pack 7: This pack contains consists for Blue Star Gas, South Coast Lumber, K&J Precision, Mission Recycling, HFP Forest Products, Timber Products Grants Pass, Smith Manufacturing, Metro Gas Co, and Spalding Lumber. ConPack 7
Consist Pack 8: This pack contains consists for an Amtrak train, a MOW Tamper, a 4 engine timber products train, several light engines as well as consists for Murphy Plywood, Knife River Aggret, CareStream Health, CertainTeed, Timber Products White City, Alumaweld Boats, Weaver Forest Products, Boise Cascade West, and Pavati Marine. ConPack 8
Consist Pack 9: This pack contains consists for more light engines as well as consists for Boise Cascade East, White City Plywood, Boise Cascade Mill, Royal Oak Briquets, Smith Lumber Co, Western Wholesale Co, Rogue Fertilizer Co, Builders Bargain Center, and Tolo Forest Products. ConPack 9
Consist Pack 10: This pack contains consists for Grange Coop & Fert., Boise Cascade in Medford, Farwest Steel in Medford, Ocean Beauty Seafood, General Hardware, Medford Salvage, Suburban Propane, Sierra Pine MDF, Timber Products in Medford, Valley Electric, Hayes Oil Co., and Tree Top. ConPack 10
Consist Pack 11: This pack contains consists for Crooked Creek Pears, Colvin Oil, Reters Fruit Co., HD Fowler, Associated Fruit, American Gas, Ashland Lumber, Fruit Growers Lumber, and Churchill Lumber. ConPack 11
Consist Pack 12: This pack contains consists for Yreka Veneer & Timberlands, Weed Coop, Roseburg Lumber Weed, and Crystal Geyser Water. ConPack 12
Consist Pack 13: This pack has engine consist and wagon consists. ConPack 13
Consist Pack 14: This pack has newly created consists. ConPack 13
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