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IMPORTANT: Please note that new releases of the Route will no longer be posted on any of the forums. Please check our news page for recent updates.

The Siskiyou Route is free for all to download and enjoy. Keep in mind that this website and its contents are copyright and as such I ask that you do not give all or any part of it to others. If anyone asks you for copies of anything you've downloaded, please tell them that they need to come here to obtain it. If you do this, others will learn about all of the other items available here.

This route is being built specifically for the Open Rails train simulator program. It too is free. You can get it here.

The Siskiyou Route consists of a lot more than just some tracks traveling over miles of countryside. There's also a large number of engines and wagons available as well as a lot of support items... items that can help you even if you're just wanting to drive trains... items if you want to create activites... and items for those of you who may want to create your own route. For that reason be sure to visit all of our pages by clicking on and following the links at the bottom of this and all pages.



Dale Rickert (owner)


AJ Stephany (volunteer)

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